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The word "stracch" in Lombardy dialect means tired. In the old days Stracchino cheese was made from milk coming from cows that had walked miles and miles at the end of the summer, from the high pastures to the stables in the Pianura Padana valley. At the end of the long walk (called transumanza) , the cows were tired (stracch) and they were milked right away , in order to have a ready made cheese that the shepherd could bring to his family.

Nowadays Stracchino cheese is still made from milk collected right after the cow is milked, although the industrial product is very different compared to the original one of the early days.

That's why this product is protected by the Slow Food Presidio which aims to celebrate this original product, its traditions and its origins. 

Made with raw cow's milk from the allotted region (Serina, Taleggio e Imagna Valley) it can be eaten fresh, after 12-20 days, or aged if you like a more pungent and spicy taste.

Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, rennet.

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