Why Caglio?

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Our story

Caglio was born after many foodie talks between the two founders, Daniele and Alessio. Both Italians, both working in the food industry for many years. Alessio working with food producers everyday and Daniele living in UK and struggling to find genuine Italian products, not overpriced or coming by the same industrial brands. In Italy there are many small scale  artisans producers that make incredible products but they are usually confined to sell in their small area of origin. The reasons? To be able to sell abroad you must comply with tons of bureaucracy and with large distribution systems that push hard on prices and give small margins to the producers. Consequently forget to taste the same piece of cheese you tasted during your holidays when you were lost in the Tuscan country side.

Sustainability is not a choice.

For many small scale producers sustainability is not a choice, it is just how things are. Despite laws are quite forgiving about the origin of the raw ingredients (i.e. you can put on the label that your cheese is Italian although milk comes from other countries where it is much cheaper) our producers source locally their raw ingredients. For example, we work with cheese artisans that source milk either from their stables or within few kilometers from the dairy. Honey is produced in a little village on the hills of Bergamo, same for Olive Oil from Tuscany and Balsamic Vinegar from Modena.

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Cows grazing fodder in Organic Farm Iris (Parma).

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Cheese ageing chamber at Latteria Sociale di Chiuro (Sondrio)

Disintermediate the supply chain

We think that thanks to technology in the next 10 years going to the supermarket to buy overpriced grocery will be a distant memory. A fairer system both for producers and for customer is on the way.