Valtorta is a tiny village nestled in the Bergamasque alps. The Latteria Sociale was founded in 1954 by few farmers in the valley, in order to be able to collect their milk and to produce cheese to sell to the community. The cooperativa is composed by just 12 partners, each of them with 10/12 cows that are free to graze in the high pastures in the warm alpine summer.
Making cheese in the mountains is a question of hard work, resilience and overcoming the difficulties that such a beautiful but hostile environment can give. On the other hand you have unique products that are impossible to replicate with standardised and industrial methods. At the moment Latteria Sociale di Valtorta boasts 2 products protected by the Slowfood Presidio (Stracchino and Agri) and a DOP (Formai de Mut)