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Nestled in Valtellina Valley, near the Suisse border, Chiuro Dairy has been the first dairy cooperative farm in the valley to produce drinking milk. Born in 1957 in Chiuro, in response to the growing need for milk an enabling local dairy farmers to thrive as a large company would, today the milk is produced by 27 dairy farmers who are located within few kilometers from the dairy; this allows Chiuro Dairy to produce product with the freshest milk.
Cows from the farmers are mainly from the Brown Alpine Breed. These cows produce a superior quality milk with fats and proteins, above the average. Since 1957 many things have changed. The dairy evolved with time, true to Valtellina tradition and values but the quality of the raw materials, the respect for the territory has not, allowing the dairy to produce top notch cheese but with more sophisticated equipments. Discover the products from Latteria sociale di Chiuro clicking the link below.