AGRIMOR FORMAGGI (Berzo inferiore, Brescia)
Agrimor dairy is located at the feet of the beautiful Valcamonica Valley in the province of Brescia. Agrimor is a small and new dairy active since 2016. Cows are fed exclusively with certified and traceable forage, produced in the fields around the Dairy. Animals in the stable are free to move and in summer they graze in the high pastures.
Well being of the animal is a central Key to Agrimor, in fact since 2016 they adhere to the “Safe Milk Project”. A Project intended to safeguard the quality of Milk and making sure that only natural products are used to treat the animal. Infact Agrimor is 100% Antibiotic Free, using only a vegetable oil to treat the animal after the milking process, called Ozolea Mast (