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The Bitto Cheese PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) is a product of great tradition with a deep connection with the mountains of Valtellina. It is produced during the summer in mountain pastures, where the cattle is fed with fresh grass.
For thousands of years the dairymen have been passing on the technique to produce Bitto, whose name “Bitu” means perennial, and refers to its great predisposition to age. It is produced with whole cream cow’s milk and sometimes an addition of goat’s milk, which gives it its special aroma, and is processed right after the milking.
The cheese is dry salted to ensure better maturation. At the end of the summer the aging process is moved to the “casera”, the cellar. Bitto tastes extraordinary, and when aged up to one year or more it becomes one rare “meditation cheese” like few others in the world.


Ingredients: Salt, Cow's Milk, Rennet.

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