Do you know how Prosciutto is made?

Few weeks ago we spent a day at Leporati Prosciutti to see how Prosciutto is made. You won't believe it but Prosciutto is made only of 2 ingredients: meat, salt...and a lot of time. 

Below you can find some photos we took in Parma. What shocked us the most is how simple, but extremely long the process is. 

Meat that otherwise would rot after few days, after the salt treatment and with a controlled temperature can last up to three years.

The reason of the salt absorbs the water in excess from the meat creating an unfavourable environment for bacteria to reproduce.

Pork legs arrive in the ageing chamber

First salt treatment



First rinse after 3 weeks under salt



After the rinse there is the treatment with Sugna. Sugna is pork fat mixed with spices and rice flour and it is spread on the leanest part of the meat. Then the legs are left to dry.



Quality check is made with a wooden needle inserted in the meat.



After a minimum ageing of 14 months prosciutto is ready to be sold.


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